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Fill out the form below and become a member of the Littleotwns Network. We like to call the members of our network "LITTLETOWNERS". This is a completly free service and we are looking for small business owners everywhere. Sign up today and become a Littletowner.

Twitter and Littletowns

As you will see on the form below we use Twitter to power the Littletowns website. When you become a Littletowner we use your Twitter profile posting all of your tweets in the town where you live. If you don't have a Twitter account we can help you get one when you sign up to become a member of Littletowns. Our team of social media experts are available to help you use and understand Twitter so that you can use it to grow your customer base.

Facebook and Littletowns

Another free service that we offer for all of our Littletowners is use and setup of Facebook for your business. As of December 2012 Facebook had a membership of 1.2 billion. This means that people use Facebook everyday and as a small business owner this is a tool that you need to know how to use. As a Littletowner we can help you get your Facebook page setup and working to attract customers to your business.

Littletowns Helping Littletowners

Becoming a member of the Littletowns Network (Littletowner) is just the beginning. Our experts will provide free advice about Twitter and other social media platforms that will help you grow your followers and your potential customer base. There are also social media lessons that we are happy to share with you so you too can become an expert. Joining Littletowns will help you learn more about social media and using it to make your business more successful.

Other Services

Tweet Events

Are you planning a grand opening, valentines day sale, tent sale, summer bbq or any other special event? Let us promote your event with special mentions prior to the event and live updates during the event. We get the buzz going about your event by using our platform to promote your event to our entire Twitter following. We can attend your event or just Tweet about your event all day long to all of your followers and all of our followers. This will give your special event better recognition with imediate impact on visitors that will attend your event.

Social Contests

We can design and operate all kinds of social media contests designed to entice customers to your business. At the same time it will increase the number of visitors to your Business Facebook page and followers to your Twitter account. Running contests is a good way to build your Facebook numbers, increase your Twitter follower or just announce a new product line. There are a number of reasons to run a contest and we can help you create a winning idea.

Social Media Training

Do you see the benifit of having all your staff members using social media to promote your product lines and your bottom line? We can help train your employees with good social media practices with seminars and information sessions. These can be done in person or through our online training directory.

Social Media Management

If you are busy and you feel that you don't have a lot of time to devote to growing yoiur social media audience we can manage all of these services for you. Let us talk to you about a custom package for your business.

Create a Great Website

Let us create a simple but effective website that will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can build a site that is tied into your social media products and captures information that is valuable to your business.

Advertising on Littletowns

Contact us today about advertising rates on all of our town pages. Members of Littletowns will receive special priority and lower rates for advertising locations throughout our town pages


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Create a Great Website

Do you have a website for your business? Small business owners need to have a website and they need to know how to create a website that is useful for their business success.